What to pack and what to wear in Santorini

What to pack and what to wear in Santorini

Find Santorinitours.org at Emporio 847 03, call us on 694 457 7918 and book Santorini tours. Here is a guide to what to pack and what to wear in Santorini.

If you think that the rise of tourism in our country in recent years is due to the advertisements of the relevant ministry… you are mistaken. The best ambassadors of our tourism abroad are fashion & travel bloggers with millions of followers. The 6,500,000 posts with hashtag #santorini, verify this.

With beauty that takes your breath away, Santorini has deservedly won a place among the top destinations worldwide, for the Summer season and the title of the most instagrammable spot on the planet.

After all, there are not many places where you can recognize where you are by looking at the landscape. The travel and fashion bloggers who visit it to be photographed in the Caldera, make up only a small portion of Santorini’s tourism, which, however, constantly brings it even greater visibility.

So don’t waste any more time to book your vacation on the most beautiful island of Greece. See below the best places to stay in Santorini and keep in mind that this year, due to the conditions we are experiencing, prices will be lower than ever.

Where to stay in Santorini

A travel guide for Santorini, could not leave out the best hotels to stay on the island. Certainly the amphitheater architecture of the island ensures an unobstructed view in most accommodation areas, but on such a touristic island you have to know where to invest your money.

What to wear in Santorini

Most fashionistas seem to prefer to harmonize with the environment and specifically with the Cycladic white-blue, wearing monochrome but also striped designs in white and blue or in turquoise, china patterns which are actually white-blue but also dotted in white- blue.

If you want to make a difference, we will suggest you to wear bright red/coral/yellow, as they may not harmonize with the white/blue of the Cyclades, but with the volcanic colors of the island.

If you prefer soft shades, pastel pink/yellow/pistachio during the sunset hours, can make a very impressive blending with the scenery, to capture your outfits in the most impressive way.

Never pack black clothes. Because the sun and temperatures can get quite high during the day, we recommend that you prefer playsuits, dresses and skirts.

In addition, keep in mind that during the day, the bohemian and relaxed mood of the holidays may require a sandal and a relaxed dress/tunic/kaftan, but in Santorini at night you will need something grande. So, make sure you have at least one evening dress and a sandal with a low wide heel in your suitcase so that you don’t struggle with high sandals on the cobblestones.

Be inspired by the breathtaking landscape of the Caldera, which has often been the backdrop for fashion editorials in international magazines. What is certain is that as a genuine Cycladic island, Santorini does not ask much from its visitors, except for a style that is both minimal and impressive, just like its beauty.

Fashion tips

Yes, the island has an intense nightlife, but this does not necessarily mean over-dressing. No multi-colors, no loaded looks, no exaggerations in accessories. Prefer to combine monochrome dresses in the range of light blue and blue with a jewel that does not go unnoticed.

For morning looks, pack a white cotton dress with an interesting cut to pair with bandanas and oversized tortoiseshell glasses.

Delicate metallic leather sandals will ease you into all combinations.

Santorini is an island full of magic and a tourist attraction worldwide, it is not something new. But before we get to this island full of unique landscapes, beautiful hotels and many activities, we need to consider some factors before getting on the plane. We are referring to the suitcase that will accompany us on this beautiful adventure.

Sometimes, we plan a trip and don’t think about the importance of choosing a suitcase. As when we go on a big move we tend to do a little review, when we travel by plane we should review some other aspects of our suitcase.

After considering the measurements and maximum weight of the airline you are traveling with in Santorini, you need to focus on other factors such as the capacity, strength and lightness of the suitcase. When we go to buy a travel bag, out of ignorance we buy the first one we like, but we have to consider the aspects that can make traveling with it either glory or hell.


It is an unavoidable and very important point to consider before buying a cabin suitcase. Currently, with the low cost of travel and the high cost of charging a suitcase, we tend to travel with only one cabin door.

Therefore, we must think that in the dimensions of a cabin suitcase we must introduce as many clothes and accessories as we need for our trip. And even if you buy another suitcase, you think there will always be a trip where you only need a small suitcase and want it to have maximum capacity.

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