Decorating and painting ideas for children’s room

Decorating and painting ideas for children’s room

The children’s room is probably the most beautiful in the house or it can certainly be done by painting the right colors. Be inspired by your child’s preferences. Follow our suggestions and grow decoratively!

In the decoration of the children’s room you can unleash all your creativity and experience fairytale emotions. According to the child’s personality but also to his taste, the heroes or the animals he prefers, turn his room into a dream place of play and rest for your child.

Decorative and painting Tips!

Are you wondering how to renew your child’s room in the most wonderful and economical way? Below you will find the decorative solutions that suit you, whether it concerns a children’s room for a girl or a boy.

We found for you imaginative proposals and super ideas for colors in the children’s room and we submit them to you with great enthusiasm! After all, the whole process of decorating a children’s room is so fun and magical – who does not want to live in a fairytale world?

1. Library

A library that contains all of your child’s favorite toys automatically turns a simple wall into your child’s favorite. If you have a girl, fill the shelves with dolls and their accessories in a makeshift dollhouse, while if you have a boy, turn the library into a car park or base for the heroes he prefers!

2. Bed

A new bed will cause great excitement to your child, especially if he is in the age of transitioning from crib to bed, while the decoration of the children’s room will definitely change with one move. Choose according to the heroes or themes he prefers, the style (for example retro, wooden, etc.) or his favorite colors!

3. Table Lamps

With a lamp that can be placed “anywhere” you earn points in the decoration of your child’s room. It is an economical way to change the source and style of lighting and create a special space for play or study around its radius. Searching, you will definitely find a favorite child figure or an unusual design to include in the decoration of his room!

4. Office

A beautiful desk is a must in any children’s room in New Jersey. The child has another surface to play or study while a functional design with shelves or cabinets, encourages the little pupil to get lost in the world of creation. Be careful when the child is not sitting, the seat fits inside the office so as not to “steal” space from his room!

5. Wallpaper – Photo wallpapers

Wallpaper (and photo wallpapers) is the key word in decorating a children’s room. Placing, for example, wallpaper or stickers with a jungle theme, changes the whole style of the room and a new world opens before the eyes of his surprised children! The same will happen of course if you choose sea elements, world maps, planes or fantastic landscapes, because if one knows from fantastic travels, these are definitely the children.

6. Sports wall

If you dedicate a wall to climbing, the benefits will be multiple, on the one hand the look of the room will change creatively and on the other hand your child will consume a lot of energy climbing, which means that he will go to bed earlier than tired! Find what excites you, a knotted rope, a wooden climbing set or climbing rocks nailed to the wall, and do not hesitate for a moment. Good bad of course, put a mattress underneath!

7. Blackboard

A blackboard wall is a strong trend in children’s room decor, as well as the reading corner. You can use chalkboards or a blackboard sticker! The reading corner can be composed of dividers from the blackboard to the rest of the space or a curtain. With a few poufs or pillows in front of the blackboard, the child can invite his friends to read, hang out and write together!


Make sure that the books, the toys he prefers the most and the various small items of everyday life, are at the height of the child, so that he can easily take in his hands what he likes in his renewed and practical room!

8. Scene

Scenes, especially teepee (Indian) are always in fashion and create a nice atmosphere in the room, while it is a nice style decorative element. It is also a source of inspiration for many games and endless hours of improvisation and imagination. Oh, and of course the tent is always a wonderful hiding place and private space for the child!

9. Puppet theater

Puppetry is another “strong” decorative element, especially if your child has artistic concerns! Dolls, heroes and fairy tales that he prefers take on flesh and blood in improvised performances and his room is immediately transformed into a magical theater stage! A corner for performances, your little girl or boy will really love it!

10. Carpet

Last but not least … a new rug will make a difference especially if your budget is quite limited. Choose a large rug with a theme that will fascinate your child and find out how the decoration in the children’s room changes with a single movement!

Children’s room colors

You can paint the children’s room in colors that your girl or boy prefers and according to the general theme of the room. Pay a little attention to our following tips, however, so that you definitely have the desired result:

  • You can paint a wall in a deep color and all the rest in pale shades. You will give depth to the room and emphasis on what you hang on it!
  • If the furniture and accessories on the walls are in bright colors, prefer soft shades on the walls, for a more relaxing result!
  • If you combine wallpaper and painted wall, be careful to use a color that dominates the wallpaper on the wall!
  • Painting the walls is not a simple matter, so base it on the colors that children prefer: mint green, light purple, light blue, baby pink, orange or yellow!


Imagine in advance the overall result and customize styles suggested by interior designers:

  • wallpapers in bright colors or bright designs
  • light colored furniture
  • soft carpets
  • room divided into areas
  • thematic corners
  • harmonious color compositions
  • natural materials

Now that you have studied all the above, let your creativity be free but also rely on your instinct to make something unique, after all, imagination (trust us) will do most of the work! What is certain is that your child will go crazy with the result and will spend many – many hours in his stylish children’s room!

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