What to pack and what to wear in Santorini

What to pack and what to wear in Santorini

Find Santorinitours.org at Emporio 847 03, call us on 694 457 7918 and book Santorini tours. Here is a guide to what to pack and what to wear in Santorini.

If you think that the rise of tourism in our country in recent years is due to the advertisements of the relevant ministry… you are mistaken. The best ambassadors of our tourism abroad are fashion & travel bloggers with millions of followers. The 6,500,000 posts with hashtag #santorini, verify this.

With beauty that takes your breath away, Santorini has deservedly won a place among the top destinations worldwide, for the Summer season and the title of the most instagrammable spot on the planet.

After all, there are not many places where you can recognize where you are by looking at the landscape. The travel and fashion bloggers who visit it to be photographed in the Caldera, make up only a small portion of Santorini’s tourism, which, however, constantly brings it even greater visibility.

So don’t waste any more time to book your vacation on the most beautiful island of Greece. See below the best places to stay in Santorini and keep in mind that this year, due to the conditions we are experiencing, prices will be lower than ever.

Where to stay in Santorini

A travel guide for Santorini, could not leave out the best hotels to stay on the island. Certainly the amphitheater architecture of the island ensures an unobstructed view in most accommodation areas, but on such a touristic island you have to know where to invest your money.

What to wear in Santorini

Most fashionistas seem to prefer to harmonize with the environment and specifically with the Cycladic white-blue, wearing monochrome but also striped designs in white and blue or in turquoise, china patterns which are actually white-blue but also dotted in white- blue.

If you want to make a difference, we will suggest you to wear bright red/coral/yellow, as they may not harmonize with the white/blue of the Cyclades, but with the volcanic colors of the island.

If you prefer soft shades, pastel pink/yellow/pistachio during the sunset hours, can make a very impressive blending with the scenery, to capture your outfits in the most impressive way.

Never pack black clothes. Because the sun and temperatures can get quite high during the day, we recommend that you prefer playsuits, dresses and skirts.

In addition, keep in mind that during the day, the bohemian and relaxed mood of the holidays may require a sandal and a relaxed dress/tunic/kaftan, but in Santorini at night you will need something grande. So, make sure you have at least one evening dress and a sandal with a low wide heel in your suitcase so that you don’t struggle with high sandals on the cobblestones.

Be inspired by the breathtaking landscape of the Caldera, which has often been the backdrop for fashion editorials in international magazines. What is certain is that as a genuine Cycladic island, Santorini does not ask much from its visitors, except for a style that is both minimal and impressive, just like its beauty.

Fashion tips

Yes, the island has an intense nightlife, but this does not necessarily mean over-dressing. No multi-colors, no loaded looks, no exaggerations in accessories. Prefer to combine monochrome dresses in the range of light blue and blue with a jewel that does not go unnoticed.

For morning looks, pack a white cotton dress with an interesting cut to pair with bandanas and oversized tortoiseshell glasses.

Delicate metallic leather sandals will ease you into all combinations.

Santorini is an island full of magic and a tourist attraction worldwide, it is not something new. But before we get to this island full of unique landscapes, beautiful hotels and many activities, we need to consider some factors before getting on the plane. We are referring to the suitcase that will accompany us on this beautiful adventure.

Sometimes, we plan a trip and don’t think about the importance of choosing a suitcase. As when we go on a big move we tend to do a little review, when we travel by plane we should review some other aspects of our suitcase.

After considering the measurements and maximum weight of the airline you are traveling with in Santorini, you need to focus on other factors such as the capacity, strength and lightness of the suitcase. When we go to buy a travel bag, out of ignorance we buy the first one we like, but we have to consider the aspects that can make traveling with it either glory or hell.


It is an unavoidable and very important point to consider before buying a cabin suitcase. Currently, with the low cost of travel and the high cost of charging a suitcase, we tend to travel with only one cabin door.

Therefore, we must think that in the dimensions of a cabin suitcase we must introduce as many clothes and accessories as we need for our trip. And even if you buy another suitcase, you think there will always be a trip where you only need a small suitcase and want it to have maximum capacity.

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πόρτες ασφαλείας

What do I need to know about security doors?

Tips from the locksmith of Alfino Doorsπόρτες ασφαλείας, the best locksmith of Athens. Everything you need to know about security doors, security locks and fire shutters.

Security doors – πόρτες ασφαλείας – are now available in almost every home, and rightly so! Their existence automatically offers a sense of security.

There are many doors on the market that theoretically meet your needs, but which is the door that best suits your home?

How is a security door – πόρτες ασφαλείας – different from a normal single door?

The security door compared to a simple door has many differences and clearly more advantages.

Initially, and perhaps the most important difference is that it locks around the perimeter and not in a single spot making it more difficult to break. It has many attachment points on the wall and on the frame.

The thickness of a security door is much larger than that of a normal one and it is more compact. Thus it can practically be considered that a locked security door – πόρτες ασφαλείας – is part of the wall.

What do you need to know before buying a security door?

1. Certifications

Before choosing the security door you want to buy you must first look at the certifications it carries. It is very important to point out that security doors are not necessarily security doors.

Security doors – πόρτες ασφαλείας – undergo pre-determined inspections by European and American institutes that determine the resistance of the door to various attempts to break it within a certain period of time.

A security door therefore has accompanying certifications that state in detail its levels of durability.

2. Class grade

Security doors – πόρτες ασφαλείας – have a grade point average of 1 to 6, with 6 being the best grade. They are classified in their grade according to the durability and safety they provide.

Class certification, also known as burglary certification, is the most important certification a consumer should request. So before you buy a door, make sure you know the class to which it belongs.

3. Shield type

There are two types of shielding: single shielding and double shielding.

The single shield consists of a one-piece side on the outside and usually has one to three ribs on the inside of the door.

In the door with double shielding the exterior remains the same as that of the single shielding but internally it consists of three or more ribs, a one-piece metal sheet thermal insulation, sound insulation and depending on the type of door can offer extra benefits.

What features should a security door have?

Type and quality of steel sheet

In a security door – πόρτες ασφαλείας – the main part inside is a piece of solid steel sheet. The greater the thickness of the sheet, the greater the security offered by the door.


The lining of the door usually concerns only the aesthetic part while in some cases they protect the door from weather conditions. The most common investments are:

  • MDF glaze lining.
  • Laminate lining.
  • Aluminum cladding.
  • Lining with solid wood.

The latter is quite rare as it has a much higher cost than the previous ones.

Metal case

The security door – πόρτες ασφαλείας – is supported by a metal case. Particular attention regarding the case must be given to its thickness, configuration and painting.

The best and most correct sheet thickness is 2 mm, smaller thicknesses do not offer the necessary strength.

During the shaping of the casket it must be made in such a way as to offer the maximum resistance to a possible attempt to violate it.

The painting of the metal case is more aesthetic, as it should be done with electrostatic painting in order to be resistant to time and weather conditions.

What points should you pay attention to before buying security doors – πόρτες ασφαλείας?

  • Money: Always for your safety, you should choose a door that will meet your needs. It makes sense that the cost of an armored security door – πόρτες ασφαλείας – would be higher than that of a single door, but it certainly offsets the difference. By giving some money more today, you can sleep more peacefully every night.
  • Installation: Door installation is just as important. There are many who believe that buying a door alone is enough. However, if the installation is not done correctly, no matter how safe the door is, it is easier to break. Trust a specialist so you can be sure.
  • Warranty: The warranty of a door can range from 1 to 10 years. However, it is very important to clarify before buying it, what the guarantee includes and what problems that may arise with its mechanism it covers.
  • Security lock: As important as the choice of door.

A security door – πόρτες ασφαλείας – no matter how good it can not provide maximum security without an equally good security lock.

What you need to know about security locks?

Security locks – κλειδαριές ασφαλείας – are categorized into old and new types of locks. The new type of locks are the most modern product in the area and offer maximum security as they are extremely more difficult to break.

They are classified according to the ANSI system (American National Standards Institute) in locks of grade 1 to 3 with Grade 1 as the best and safest choice.

Read more about πόρτες ασφαλείας:

Revival of Night Train Network in Europe

Revival of Night Train Network in Europe

The German Eco-friendly Get together has presented a proposal for the return of night trains with the generation of a evening prepare network with 40 branches across the continent.

Nearly a year in the past, in December 2020, a team of condition railway operators in Europe introduced the Nightjet venture, a night educate community that connects 13 towns of the continent, in the hopes of reviving a kind of travel that had been overlooked amid the growth of lower-expense flights in current a long time.

For the German Green Bash, this proposal was not enough, so they made a decision to present a venture to make it hook up 200 cities.

The Euro Night Sprinter Netzvision 2030+ requires the start of 40 worldwide lines, which would allow vacation from japanese cities this kind of as Saint Petersburg, Kyiv or Istanbul, to Glasgow, San Sebastián, Lisbon, and Malaga.

As observed, Terry Reintke, Vice President of the Greens/EFA Team in the European Parliament, some of the largest European cities will develop into hubs for the evening practice network, these types of as Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, and Brussels.

Extra Benefit for the Night time Coach Traveler

The target is, in addition to reviving these trains that saw their golden age involving the 1930s and 1970s, to make it less complicated for tourists to buy tickets by launching a solitary profits system.

When crossing Europe from end to finish by train is achievable, it requires paying for each ticket separately, which leads to the selling price of the excursion to skyrocket, the cause why many people today go on to decide on flights.

Night time Trains, An additional Way to Journey

Associates of the Environmentally friendly Bash remember that train outings (specially at night) are a doorway to friendship and make more productive social relations than flights or excursions by auto.

They also explain that the luxury of lots of substantial-velocity trains can be included in night solutions to make traveling much more pleasurable.

In addition, there is a considerable effect of railways to sustainability: they generate .4% of gasoline emissions, although automobiles are responsible for 71.8%, aviation for 13.2%, and maritime transport for 14.1%.

These are some of the added benefits highlighted by Midnight Trains, a French get started-up firm, which presented a proposal to recover night time teach trips by means of France in substantial-course cabins that can vacation from Paris to Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Copenhagen, Rome, and Edinburgh.

The Trans-European Prepare Is Nonetheless on Its Way

Yet another venture to market the use of trains is the Connecting Europe Express, which has been touring the continent since September 2.

Right after having still left Lisbon and stopping in Madrid and Irun, the teach has now still left Estonia and is going to Riga, the money of Latvia. The journey, in which it will move via 100 cities, will finish on October 7 in Paris.


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VCs invested over $75B in AI startups in 2020

VCs invested over $75B in AI startups in 2020

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Investments in AI are expanding at an accelerated speed, according to a new report from the Business for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The Paris, France-primarily based team uncovered that the U.S. and China lead the expanding wave of funding, taking in a combined 81% of the total amount invested in AI startups previous yr, whilst the European Union and U.K. boosted their backing but lag significantly at the rear of.

“The enterprise capitalist (VC) sector tends to forerun basic financial commitment traits, indicating the AI market is maturing. As the AI field matures, the median volume for every investment decision is developing, there are far more pretty huge investments and proportionately less expenditure offers at early phases of funding,” the report reads.

OECD’s research analyzed VC rounds in 8,300 AI organizations all over the world, covering transactions involving 2012 and 2020 that had been documented by funds current market evaluation company Preqin. In accordance to the conclusions, the global once-a-year value of VC investments in AI startups grew from $3 billion in 2012 to nearly $75 billion in 2020. Funding greater 20% previous 12 months by yourself, with startups primarily based in the U.S. and China nabbing above 80% of all investments in 2020. The European Union followed with 4%, trailed by the U.K. and Israel at 3%.

The report also identified that progress in AI expenditure in U.S.-based corporations has been continuous given that 2012, reaching $42 billion in 2020. Chinese providers professional a spike in 2017 and 2018, adopted by a slump in 2019, and represented $17 billion in 2020.

Firms producing driverless autos and mobility technologies captivated the most financial investment of all AI corporations, drawing $19 billion in VC funds during 2020 and $95 billion from 2012 to 2020. The next-biggest section was wellness care, drugs, and biotechnology, which raked in 16% of the 2020 investment decision complete. VC funding rounds in these connected industries doubled from $6 billion in 2019 to $12 billion in 2020 — most possible as a end result of the pandemic. AI small business processes and support service startups ranked third in VC investments in 2020, meanwhile — also possible owing to the pandemic, which motivated digital transformations and distant and hybrid function preparations.

Likely and challenges

The outsized financial commitment in autonomous vehicles displays the belief among buyers that AI has the possible to deal with worker shortfalls in transportation. According to the American Trucking Associations (ATA), the sector was small 60,800 motorists in 2018. If the shortage is left unchecked, ATA expects it to swell to a lot more than 160,000 drivers nationally by 2028. In a worrisome indicator, the U.K. was forced to recruit the army to travel fuel vehicles to gas stations, owing to a lack of readily available drivers.

Momentum in the everyday living sciences field is a lot less continual, with Deloitte reporting that wellness treatment corporations range substantially in their AI investments. But the organization has embraced AI with open up arms, leveraging it to automate high-priced back again-business and client-experiencing responsibilities. Around a quarter of all AI business enterprise initiatives are presently in production and more than a 3rd are in the highly developed enhancement stages, an IDC survey found. And just over fifty percent of businesses said they would spend $500,000 to $5 million on AI initiatives in 2021, up from 34% in 2020, according to Appen.

But these sectors deal with problems as AI methods come under better scrutiny. Even though 22.7% of staff members come to feel AI will start out to have a large impression on their sector in just the up coming 1 to 2 a long time, 54% are both moderately or incredibly worried that AI will negatively disrupt their career, in accordance to a 2021 Reign survey. AI is not a silver bullet, what’s more — as investigation reveals. In a modern report, only 10% of corporation managers described sizeable money gains from their AI investments. And an MIT taskforce predicts technologies like entirely autonomous cars and trucks will not arrive for at minimum 10 a long time.


As an expanding cohort appears to be to dollars in on the continued AI investment increase, OECD’s report provides evidence that there’s plenty of runway. Which is despite the truth that some startups are duplicitous about their use of AI technologies. In a 2019 examine by MMC Ventures, 40% of purported AI startups in Europe — 2,830 — ended up uncovered to not use any AI in their merchandise.

A Forbes piece notes that about the previous decade, full funding and the ordinary spherical size for AI businesses have risen at a reputable tempo. In 2010, the ordinary early-stage spherical for AI or machine mastering startups was about $4.8 million. In 2017, whole funding elevated to $11.7 million for 1st-spherical early-phase funding — a more than 200% uptick. And in Q2 2021, AI startups attracted a document of a lot more than $20 billion in funding, regardless of a drop in offer quantity.


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Russia: Lifetime Journey - Trans-Siberian Railway

Russia: Lifetime Journey – Trans-Siberian Railway

Olta Travel is delighted to announce the launch of the extensive awaited 16days Trans-Siberian Railway tour by means of Moscow, Irkutsk, Ulan Bator, and Beijing. The Trans-Siberain Railroad is the longest railroad route in the environment that connects the western element of Russia with the Considerably East as very well as China. Its length is lengthy plenty of to get breath away as the route is much more than 9 1000’s kilometers and commonly normally takes about a week to journey from one particular section of Russia to a different on a teach.

Though the journey can be a bit challenging, however it is a excellent working experience numerous individuals desire about. In just a person vacation package while travelling together the route, distinct cities and distinct cultures of Russia can be considered with a large and unforgettable pack of emotions immediately after this sort of journey.

The routes for travelling involves:

• Moscow to Vladivostok (or back again) – This is the most common route for travelling from Moscow to Vladivostok located on the western shores of the Sea of Japan. This route usually takes 15 days of travelling jointly with breaks in the journey in various towns of Russia along the way and vacationers will have the benefit to check out Mongolia with its unlimited steppes and unique society on their way.

• Moscow to Beijing (or back again) – The route lies amidst spectacular landscapes, crossing all the terrific rivers of Russia: Volga, Irtysh, Ob, Yenisei and Amur. A Element of it runs together the shore of the mighty Lake Baikal and in spite of of the duration of the journey, a single are unable to mature bored with the rich and picturesque landscapes exhibited on the way from Europe to Asia.

This route will manual travelers by way of 3 distinctive cultures and international locations : Russia, Mongolia, and China and will permit exploration of the most interesting sites of each individual region, this kind of as browsing Baikal lak, getting introduce to nomadic family members in Mongolia and wander down the Wonderful Wall in China.

Olta Journey is versatile and dedicated to an individual tactic. Olta Journey Normal overnight trains operates on each route between cities in Russia related by railroad. These types of trains supply various forms of seats and beds for vacationers whereby vacationers can decide on no matter if to keep in two or 4 beds compartment train which give vacationers with snug sleeping sites and cozy compartment for being aboard or vacation in couchette carriage according to their wishes and spending plan.


Trans-Siberian Railway


The Trans-Siberian travelling trains characteristics:

  • Golden Eagle Luxury educate – This high-class teach appears to be like a resort on wheels which tends to make journey particularly cozy to tourists. Trans-Siberian Express tour aboard the Golden Eagle in between Moscow and Vladivostok consider a leisurely two weeks. With large package deal of excursions included in the simple bundle of this journey, skilled guideline will be ideal on the educate to react to all issues and give travelers the in depth information and facts about destinations together the route.
  • &#13

  • Imperial Russia trains – The Imperial Russia Educate is a premium deluxe coach outfitted with the point out-of-risk facilities and offers the maximum degree of company. In every compartment of the sleeping cars and VIP cars has an unique local climate control device. On this practice tourists may journey from Moscow to Beijing or again in about two weeks.
  • &#13

  • Tsar’s Gold Luxury trains – This prepare will get vacationers on the historic route concerning Moscow, Lake Baikal and Beijing. The fascinating times of the journey will unravel three of the world’s premier countries right to the traveler compartment with all foods, excursions and lodging by now involved in the vacation package deal.
  • &#13

There are quite a few details of desire through the journey. Vacationers will have a likelihood to visit a lot of diverse towns, Tourists can walk close to Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan and its Kremlin or have a town tour focused to the last times of Russian Tsars in Yekaterinburg. Vacationers may well check out the railway museum in Novosibirsk and tourists will conveniently discover by themselves eye-catching to the picket architecture of previous properties in the centre of the city of Irkutsk. The exceptional ethnical range of Ulan-Ude will be a very good encounter, and in Ulan Bator tourists will be welcomed to observe the steppes. Tourists will also be greeted with the mysterious historical past and historical tradition of China with legends wrapped close to just about every previous monument or developing and so on.

A main emphasize on Trans-Siberian journey is the Lake Baikal. Tagged the jewel of the Trans-Siberian Journey, couple all-natural sights can be stated to surpass the attractiveness and grandeur of Lake Baikal. Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the planet and holds 20 for every cent of the world’s freshwater. Also acknowledged as the ‘Pearl of Siberia’ it is home to a unique breed of freshwater seal together with about 50 species of fish such as omul and nowhere in the world will there be a different place similar to lake Baikal.


Restaurant in the Trans-Siberian Train


The Highlights of the tour involves:

  • Sightseeing tour of Moscow
  • &#13

  • Sightseeing tour of Irkutsk
  • &#13

  • Browsing Listvyanka settlement – the Gateway to Lake Baikal, found in the mouth of the Angara River, 70 km away from Irkutsk
  • &#13

  • Browsing Taltsy Open – Air Museumof Wooden Architecture.
  • &#13

  • Take a look at to the memorial of Zaizan in Ulan Bator.
  • &#13

  • Finding the Gandan monastery
  • &#13

  • Going to purely natural park Terelj
  • &#13

  • Beijing full working day excursion tour
  • &#13

Opt for Olta Vacation to feel the classic Russian hospitality and fell in like with Russia!


Get hold of Facts:

Mrs. Tatiana Mirovshchikova

Director Profits, Olta Travel

191002 Saint-Petersburg, Russia,

5, Raziezzhaya Street, office 220

Tel: +7 (812) 336-60-80

Fax: +7 (812) 710-81-66

E mail: profits@Oltatravel.ru

WWW: oltatravel.com

About Olta Journey

Olta Travel is an seasoned Russian DMC operating business enterprise-to-company and serving major tour operators and businesses from around the earth in the extremely middle of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

With the purpose to provide the highest excellent services to make clients tumble in like with Russia, OLTA Vacation focuses on excellence and are consistently producing their expert services to turn out to be the earth-known DMC and maintain a leading placement in Russian Leisure & MICE market. Olta Vacation is fully commited to large good quality of expert services.

Olta Travel is a Experienced consumer centric firm which is adaptable in features, economical in do the job, sincere in business associations, fast and responsive to clients’ requests. The company is consistently functioning on attaining mutual have confidence in with shoppers working with their multilingual, capable and considerate workers.

Based mostly in Russia, the Firm have the very best spot awareness and deliver clients with up-to-day details. Olta Journey is a entirely licensed and insured Russian organization which has a permission to present visa support.

Olta Vacation providers and excursions are of superior top quality. With the focus on high standards of services, each individual tour, the company presents distinctive and exceptional provide or assistance.


For additional information check out: http://www.oltatravel.com/

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Data integration giant Fivetran raises $565M and acquires HVR

Data integration giant Fivetran raises $565M and acquires HVR

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Fivetran, a information integration platform significant enterprises can use to “extract, change, and load” (ETL) knowledge from myriad resources into their info warehouse, has elevated $565 million in a collection D round of funding at a $5.6 billion valuation. The Oakland, California-dependent organization also introduced programs to acquire HVR, which specializes in facts replication for enterprises.

Knowledge replication is the notion of storing duplicates of the very same information in distinct destinations, serving to strengthen details availability, accessibility, and resilience. By bringing HVR below its wing, Fivetran claimed it will be very well-positioned to offer “modern analytics for the world’s most organization-essential info without the need of compromising security, effectiveness, or simplicity of use,” according to a press launch.

Earlier mentioned: HVR in motion

Information stack

For context, the modern-day company info stack contains various elements. This features knowledge ingestion applications these types of as Fivetran, which firms like Square and DocuSign use to move data out of SaaS apps, databases, and occasion logs and pool within cloud-centered warehouses these as Snowflake and Google’s BigQuery to derive insights that would not be probable in their first knowledge silos. For case in point, a product sales team may well have data unfold across CRM, marketing, client assistance, and solution analytics. Combining all this details in a centralized repository (i.e. a knowledge warehouse) makes it probable to query this data collectively and location purchaser purchasing trends.

Launched in 2012, Fivetran experienced previously raised all-around $165 million, and its clean dollars injection could help fund its HVR acquisition — the offer quantities to about $700 million, constituting a mixture of money and stock. It also comes just a couple months soon after Fivetran introduced its 1st acquisition, when it acquired databases replication platform Teleport Facts.

When the HVR offer closes, Fivetran claimed its shoppers will get obtain to HVR’s different facts replication products, together with its “change knowledge capture” (CDC) giving that allows enterprises to replicate details in actual time. This includes mechanically identifying changes to the source details and synchronizing these alterations across devices.

Fivetran’s sequence D spherical was led by Andreessen Horowitz, with participation from Standard Catalyst, CEAS Investments, Matrix Companions, Iconiq Money, D1 Cash Companions, and YC Continuity.


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New location-marketing tool for the tourism industry

New location-marketing tool for the tourism industry

WhereIsWhere.com, a place-marketing resource for enterprises in the tourism industry, now unveiled its demo microsite, enabling travel entrepreneurs to test out its written content and attributes before it goes live to customers mid-2016. The live demo can be accessed at: preview.whereiswhere.com

The microsite is a sample demonstration of the stop-user practical experience, as travellers investigate the interactive map to discover out the place anything is, and what each and every place has to give, in the variety of rich media content material – video clips, photos, promotions and a lot more. Preview.whereiswhere.com presently options only London and Singapore, with more travel places to be included later. On WhereIsWhere’s interactive map platform, vacation entrepreneurs can zoom in from country to region to avenue stage and in just each and every classification – Sights, Lodgings, Routines and F&B, select filters in accordance to their interest types.








Speaking about the freshly introduced demo web page, Terence Mak, the CEO, pointed out that “WhereIsWhere allows travellers to understand more about distinct destinations simply, straight from the sector itself this way of immediate promoting in Vacation is a adjust from what vacation entrepreneurs are at the moment carrying out. WhereIsWhere empowers travel firms to acquire back the handle of manufacturer possession and gross sales. We inspire travel entrepreneurs to take a look at out the system.”

With more than 4000 field registrations so significantly, WhereIsWhere will formally start to travellers mid-2016. To see the platform in action, head over to Preview.whereIsWhere.com Declare your area at whereiswhere.com right now!

As an interactive globe map, WhereIsWhere.com functions as a place-internet marketing tool, enabling companies which include accommodations, sights, icons and tourism authorities in the global tourism industry to demonstrate the globe wherever they are, and what they have. Travel marketers declare their pins on WhereIsWhere’s map platform and less than their pin, they can upload media in the form of video clips, pics, or even their most up-to-date promotions, to entice travellers to visit.

Mid-2016 will see WhereIsWhere launch to travellers, giving them the hottest data from the journey market, as they explore the earth. On our easy-to-use system, travellers can simply click on a pin, and open up up information and facts about the location, and its promoting material, hottest promotions. With WhereIsWhere, travellers get to take a look at each off-the-crushed-path attraction, sights and places unlock unique travel activities!

Advertising and marketing Queries
Bringing the Vacation Marketplace Together

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DeepMind aims to marry deep learning and classic algorithms

DeepMind aims to marry deep learning and classic algorithms

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Will deep studying definitely dwell up to its guarantee? We never actually know. But if it is going to, it will have to assimilate how classical laptop or computer science algorithms work. This is what DeepMind is operating on, and its achievement is significant to the eventual uptake of neural networks in wider industrial programs.

Launched in 2010 with the objective of making AGI — synthetic standard intelligence, a common reason AI that certainly mimics human intelligence — DeepMind is on the forefront of AI investigate. The enterprise is also backed by marketplace heavyweights like Elon Musk and Peter Thiel.

Acquired by Google in 2014, DeepMind has made headlines for initiatives this kind of as AlphaGo, a plan that beat the globe champion at the recreation of Go in a five-sport match, and AlphaFold, which discovered a solution to a 50-12 months-outdated grand problem in biology.

Now DeepMind has set its sights on a different grand obstacle: bridging the worlds of deep studying and classical personal computer science to enable deep understanding to do every thing. If thriving, this solution could revolutionize AI and software package as we know them.

Petar Veličković is a senior investigation scientist at DeepMind. His entry into personal computer science came through algorithmic reasoning and algorithmic imagining employing classical algorithms. Because he commenced undertaking deep discovering exploration, he has needed to reconcile deep understanding with the classical algorithms that to begin with received him energized about pc science.

Meanwhile, Charles Blundell is a exploration lead at DeepMind who is interested in finding neural networks to make significantly greater use of the substantial portions of information they are uncovered to. Examples include things like finding a network to tell us what it doesn’t know, to find out significantly far more immediately, or to exceed expectations.

When Veličković satisfied Blundell at DeepMind, something new was born: a line of investigation that goes by the name of Neural Algorithmic Reasoning (NAR), after a posture paper the duo recently printed.

NAR traces the roots of the fields it touches upon and branches out to collaborations with other researchers. And not like much pie-in-the-sky investigate, NAR has some early outcomes and apps to present for alone.

Algorithms and deep finding out: the greatest of each worlds

Veličković was in several ways the individual who kickstarted the algorithmic reasoning path in DeepMind. With his background in each classical algorithms and deep mastering, he understood that there is a strong complementarity among the two of them. What just one of these solutions tends to do definitely effectively, the other just one doesn’t do that very well, and vice versa.

“Usually when you see these types of styles, it is a excellent indicator that if you can do anything to carry them a tiny bit nearer together, then you could end up with an awesome way to fuse the very best of each worlds, and make some definitely sturdy innovations,” Veličković mentioned.

When Veličković joined DeepMind, Blundell claimed, their early conversations have been a lot of enjoyable mainly because they have pretty very similar backgrounds. They each share a track record in theoretical laptop or computer science. Currently, they the two function a good deal with machine understanding, in which a essential query for a extensive time has been how to generalize — how do you perform past the knowledge examples you have seen?

Algorithms are a seriously superior example of a little something we all use each working day, Blundell famous. In truth, he included, there aren’t a lot of algorithms out there. If you seem at typical computer system science textbooks, there is probably 50 or 60 algorithms that you discover as an undergraduate. And everything people today use to connect around the web, for instance, is utilizing just a subset of those.

“There’s this extremely wonderful foundation for extremely abundant computation that we now know about, but it is completely diverse from the issues we’re studying. So when Petar and I began talking about this, we noticed obviously there is a wonderful fusion that we can make in this article concerning these two fields that has in fact been unexplored so much,” Blundell said.

The important thesis of NAR research is that algorithms possess basically diverse features to deep understanding strategies. And this indicates that if deep studying techniques had been improved capable to mimic algorithms, then generalization of the kind found with algorithms would turn out to be doable with deep mastering.

To method the topic for this short article, we questioned Blundell and Veličković to lay out the defining properties of classical personal computer science algorithms compared to deep discovering types. Figuring out the approaches in which algorithms and deep mastering styles are distinctive is a excellent start out if the intention is to reconcile them.

Deep studying can not generalize

For starters, Blundell said, algorithms in most conditions never change. Algorithms are comprised of a preset set of policies that are executed on some input, and generally great algorithms have properly-acknowledged attributes. For any variety of enter the algorithm receives, it gives a reasonable output, in a sensible amount of money of time. You can generally change the dimensions of the input and the algorithm keeps doing work.

The other factor you can do with algorithms is you can plug them together. The rationale algorithms can be strung collectively is because of this promise they have: Offered some variety of enter, they only make a particular form of output. And that means that we can hook up algorithms, feeding their output into other algorithms’ input and constructing a entire stack.

People today have been hunting at running algorithms in deep mastering for a when, and it’s always been pretty hard, Blundell explained. As attempting out basic duties is a good way to debug points, Blundell referred to a trivial illustration: the input duplicate task. An algorithm whose activity is to duplicate, exactly where its output is just a duplicate of its input.

It turns out that this is more difficult than envisioned for deep learning. You can master to do this up to a specified size, but if you maximize the duration of the input earlier that stage, matters get started breaking down. If you train a network on the numbers 1-10 and test it on the figures 1-1,000, lots of networks will not generalize.

Blundell stated, “They will not have realized the main idea, which is you just require to copy the enter to the output. And as you make the course of action much more challenging, as you can visualize, it will get even worse. So if you consider about sorting through a variety of graph algorithms, actually the generalization is considerably worse if you just train a network to simulate an algorithm in a incredibly naive manner.”

Luckily, it’s not all poor news.

“[T]here’s something extremely wonderful about algorithms, which is that they are fundamentally simulations. You can create a ton of data, and that makes them very amenable to getting learned by deep neural networks,” he explained. “But it necessitates us to believe from the deep studying side. What variations do we will need to make there so that these algorithms can be effectively represented and truly figured out in a strong trend?”

Of study course, answering that query is considerably from easy.

“When working with deep discovering, ordinarily there is not a extremely strong guarantee on what the output is going to be. So you may well say that the output is a selection among zero and one, and you can promise that, but you couldn’t guarantee some thing additional structural,” Blundell defined. “For instance, you can’t assure that if you exhibit a neural network a photo of a cat and then you acquire a different photo of a cat, it will certainly be classified as a cat.”

With algorithms, you could produce assures that this wouldn’t come about. This is partly simply because the kind of challenges algorithms are used to are far more amenable to these types of guarantees. So if a issue is amenable to these ensures, then perhaps we can convey throughout into the deep neural networks classical algorithmic jobs that allow these kinds of guarantees for the neural networks.

Those people assures usually problem generalizations: the sizing of the inputs, the kinds of inputs you have, and their results that generalize about forms. For example, if you have a sorting algorithm, you can type a list of quantities, but you could also kind everything you can determine an purchasing for, these kinds of as letters and phrases. Nonetheless, that is not the type of issue we see at the moment with deep neural networks.

Algorithms can lead to suboptimal options

Another difference, which Veličković pointed out, is that algorithmic computation can ordinarily be expressed as pseudocode that explains how you go from your inputs to your outputs. This helps make algorithms trivially interpretable. And simply because they operate about these abstractified inputs that conform to some preconditions and post-disorders, it is much less difficult to rationale theoretically about them.

That also helps make it substantially easier to uncover connections concerning unique issues that you may not see otherwise, Veličković included. He cited the case in point of MaxFlow and MinCut as two problems that are seemingly rather diverse, but where the alternative of just one is always the resolution to the other. That is not clear until you study it from a incredibly abstract lens.

“There’s a great deal of advantages to this kind of magnificence and constraints, but it is also the likely shortcoming of algorithms,” Veličković claimed. “That’s since if you want to make your inputs conform to these stringent preconditions, what this means is that if data that arrives from the genuine entire world is even a little bit perturbed and doesn’t conform to the preconditions, I’m heading to drop a large amount of information in advance of I can therapeutic massage it into the algorithm.”

He said that clearly would make the classical algorithm approach suboptimal, simply because even if the algorithm gives you a excellent option, it could possibly give you a great option in an atmosphere that doesn’t make perception. Therefore, the alternatives are not heading to be some thing you can use. On the other hand, he spelled out, deep finding out is built to speedily ingest loads of raw knowledge at scale and decide on up intriguing policies in the raw knowledge, devoid of any actual strong constraints.

“This would make it remarkably powerful in noisy situations: You can perturb your inputs and your neural community will nevertheless be reasonably relevant. For classical algorithms, that may possibly not be the circumstance. And that is also an additional explanation why we may want to obtain this brilliant center ground wherever we may be able to assure a little something about our knowledge, but not need that facts to be constrained to, say, little scalars when the complexity of the serious world may be much bigger,” Veličković reported.

A further issue to take into account is where by algorithms come from. Typically what comes about is you obtain incredibly clever theoretical researchers, you clarify your issue, and they think really hard about it, Blundell claimed. Then the authorities go away and map the dilemma on to a far more summary version that drives an algorithm. The specialists then present their algorithm for this course of troubles, which they guarantee will execute in a specified amount of time and offer the ideal answer. Having said that, simply because the mapping from the real-globe challenge to the summary area on which the algorithm is derived is not usually exact, Blundell stated, it needs a bit of an inductive leap.

With device finding out, it’s the opposite, as ML just appears at the knowledge. It doesn’t seriously map on to some summary space, but it does fix the issue centered on what you inform it.

What Blundell and Veličković are seeking to do is get someplace in concerning people two extremes, the place you have anything which is a bit a lot more structured but continue to matches the data, and does not necessarily demand a human in the loop. That way you do not have to have to think so challenging as a personal computer scientist. This solution is valuable since frequently serious-planet problems are not exactly mapped onto the problems that we have algorithms for — and even for the items we do have algorithms for, we have to abstract complications. A further obstacle is how to appear up with new algorithms that substantially outperform existing algorithms that have the identical type of guarantees.

Why deep studying? Information illustration

When individuals sit down to compose a system, it is really straightforward to get a little something that is truly sluggish — for case in point, that has exponential execution time, Blundell pointed out. Neural networks are the opposite. As he place it, they are really lazy, which is a very appealing assets for coming up with new algorithms.

“There are people today who have seemed at networks that can adapt their needs and computation time. In deep understanding, how just one styles the network architecture has a huge impact on how effectively it will work. There is a potent relationship involving how significantly processing you do and how a lot computation time is invested and what variety of architecture you arrive up with — they are intimately joined,” Blundell stated.

Veličković noted that one issue people today often do when solving normal complications with algorithms is try to push them into a framework they’ve appear up with that is wonderful and summary. As a consequence, they may make the problem additional elaborate than it needs to be.

“The traveling [salesperson], for illustration, is an NP complete difficulty, and we never know of any polynomial time algorithm for it. Having said that, there exists a prediction that is 100% accurate for the touring [salesperson], for all the towns in Sweden, all the towns in Germany, all the cities in the Usa. And that is simply because geographically developing facts essentially has nicer properties than any doable graph you could feed into traveling [salesperson],” Veličković mentioned.

Just before delving into NAR particulars, we felt a naive dilemma was in purchase: Why deep learning? Why go for a generalization framework particularly used to deep finding out algorithms and not just any device understanding algorithm?

The DeepMind duo would like to design and style options that operate over the true uncooked complexity of the serious earth. So far, the most effective solution for processing large amounts of obviously taking place info at scale is deep neural networks, Veličković emphasized.

Blundell mentioned that neural networks have a lot richer representations of the info than classical algorithms do. “Even inside of a big product class which is pretty abundant and complex, we find that we need to have to thrust the boundaries even even further than that to be in a position to execute algorithms reliably. It is a form of empirical science that we’re on the lookout at. And I just never feel that as you get richer and richer selection trees, they can start off to do some of this course of action,” he said.

Blundell then elaborated on the boundaries of selection trees.

“We know that conclusion trees are essentially a trick: If this, then that. What’s missing from that is recursion, or iteration, the capacity to loop around points several instances. In neural networks, for a long time folks have understood that there is a relationship between iteration, recursion, and the present-day neural networks. In graph neural networks, the similar form of processing occurs again the information passing you see there is once more a thing incredibly purely natural,” he claimed.

Finally, Blundell is enthusiastic about the possible to go additional.

“If you consider about item-oriented programming, where by you mail messages concerning classes of objects, you can see it is just analogous, and you can build extremely challenging interaction diagrams and those people can then be mapped into graph neural networks. So it is from the inside structure that you get a richness that looks may possibly be highly effective adequate to understand algorithms you wouldn’t essentially get with much more conventional device discovering methods,” Blundell stated.


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Online Tourism Directory platform launched

Online Tourism Directory platform launched

A few effective online tourism directories have been introduced with each other to form a comprehensive one electronic system, presenting tourism sector stakeholders in three sub-categories, catering for tourism organizations, trade journey functions, and tour operators.

The manufacturer new multilingual platform www.tourism-evaluate.org connects the tourism environment, providing international publicity to corporations and businesses who imagine globally and act domestically. It replaces the listing of journey organizations offered on tourism-review.com, which has properly served the tourism industry due to the fact 2006. The new Tourism Overview Directories digital platform was developed to provide additional presentation solutions for the stated businesses and to drastically prolong their reach.

The new Tourism Directories is structured into 3 sub-groups as follows:

  • Tourism Corporations
  • &#13

  • Tourism Calendar
  • &#13

  • Tour Operators
  • &#13

www.tourism-overview.org brings all sectors of the tourism industry collectively in one particular spot and offers what they have got to present in 10 languages, appreciably increasing visibility, and helping them to penetrate the worthwhile overseas journey marketplaces. Organizations who opt for a multilingual listing reward from elevated exposure via influential countrywide research engines like the Chinese Baidu and Russian Yandex in addition to regional editions of Google and Yahoo. A multilingual listing is provided in 10 critical entire world languages, alongside with a small description in just about every language, and reaches all the key vacation markets worldwide.

With superiorly substantial look for ability, www.tourism-evaluate.org stands out from the group. It enables organizations and businesses to boost their brand’s presence in the marketplace by incorporating to their listings interactive content material, this kind of as video clips, slideshows, and PDF catalogues. Aside from growing manufacturer consciousness, these comprehensive information solutions offer cross-system internet marketing that drives qualified visitors to the shown organizations’ individual web-sites.

The Tourism Overview Directory serves numerous Tourism Organizations these types of as tourist boards/authorities, hospitality associations, and travel instruction providers. Its Tourism Calendar extensively encourages fairs, exhibitions, and conferences. The representatives of the Tour Operators listings are desired destination management corporations, tour operators, and travel agents.

When browsers go by www.tourism-evaluate.org they will obtain accurate, well timed, and useful content material, shipped by a team that is passionate about providing new chances for tourism field stakeholders.

For further information visit www.tourism-evaluation.org


Head Business Contacts:

E mail: office environmentattourism-critique.org
Phone: +44 161 408 5003

Head Business office Postal Tackle:
67 Wellington Street North
United kingdom

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SnapEDA helps manufacturers find alternate chips in the semiconductor shortage

SnapEDA helps manufacturers find alternate chips in the semiconductor shortage

The Renovate Engineering Summits begin October 13th with Reduced-Code/No Code: Enabling Business Agility. Register now!

Auto makers could endure $100 billion in missing revenues in 2021 mainly because of the semiconductor shortage in accordance to KPMG. But SnapEDA is accomplishing its most effective to enable companies locate alternate chips for their merchandise.

Whipsawed by pandemic cancellations and then worry acquiring, the semiconductor current market lack has turn into a substantial financial drag on a great deal of industries. With disruptions to the world wide offer chain, there have been significant delays in the
supply of consumer goods, influencing anything from automobiles to family appliances.

But Silicon Valley-dependent SnapEDA has the types for complete catalogs of elements — these as 75,000 parts made by Panasonic — in its online catalog. Much more than 6.5 million components are in the database.

“I developed SnapEDA due to the fact I desired to support products builders innovate more rapidly,” claimed Natasha Baker, CEO of SnapEDA, in an job interview with VentureBeat. “Think of it like GitHub for electronics as a very good analogy. But in essence, it is a position where by item builders can go and get all the resources that they want to design and style electronics faster.”

It turns out that SnapEDA became the nexus of a source and demand hub that is participating in a vital job through the lack.

“We deeply have an understanding of the desires of electrical engineers and products developers simply because we do the job with them so carefully,” Baker said. “But at the exact same time, we also realize what is occurring in the element provider earth, due to the fact those are our shoppers. We speak to them all the time. So we’re at this seriously interesting intersection.”

The pandemic shortage

Higher than: SnapEDA has 6.5 million areas in its database.

Impression Credit rating: SnapEDA

The problem is that there are a couple of points triggering the lack.

“Our economic climate is doing seriously effectively and in that perception we’re looking at a nuts demand from customers for consumer industrial and professional medical electronics. There is just this sort of enormous desire for chips,” she mentioned. “And so all these elements suppliers are having record years. But at the similar time with the pandemic, we’re obviously viewing a global lack of factors and chips. And this is due to the shutdowns because of to the pandemic, among the other items. And what is fascinating is that this isn’t just impacting chips. It is also affecting, you know, electromechanical factors, and other kinds of elements as very well. They’re all viewing shortages throughout the board.”

Engineers began inform the business they needed better insights into the provide chain for the reason that they didn’t want to layout a component into a product or service that was not readily available. Suppliers also didn’t want sections promoted that weren’t readily available.

“We have new options to help travel persons in direction of the elements that are out there,” she reported. “We pull in all their stock and availability knowledge, and we give engineers transparency into what is out there in the source chain.”

On prime of that, SnapEDA can suggest alternative sections that will perform when a particular element is out of inventory. And the business is tracking the elements that are in higher availability.

SnapEDA’s boom

SnapEDA helps manufacturers find alternate chips in the semiconductor shortage

Over: Natasha Baker is CEO of SnapEDA.

Picture Credit: SnapEDA

If item designers make a item with a certain ingredient, SnapEDA can quickly notify them if the ingredient is in inventory or on again get. And if it is in small offer, SnapEDA can come across other components that will get the job done instead, stated Baker. SnapEDA has develop into a lookup engine for electronics layout, and a million engineers are working with it to reduce lack complications.

Given that the pandemic began, SnapEDA has observed its earnings triple among the element suppliers. It presents a self-provide system for engineers, irrespective of whether they are examining for patents or seeking for pieces or coming up with new merchandise. In a survey, SnapEDA discovered that 75% of its new survey respondents have been affected by the lack.

About 46 said their projects have been delayed, with some expressing they’ve absolutely halted creation. And 62% say they’ve desired to resource alternate areas and commit time and funds re-building.

Jeri Ellsworth is CEO of Tilt Five, maker of an augmented reality tabletop gaming system.

Over: Jeri Ellsworth is CEO of Tilt 5, maker of an augmented fact tabletop gaming program.

Image Credit history: Dean Takahashi

Jeri Ellsworth, CEO of Tilt Five, just lately tweeted that the semiconductor offer chain mess was like nothing at all she experienced at any time witnessed ahead of.

“Spending my weekend performing final minute redesigns mainly because parts like a popular 25 cent voltage regulators have a guide situations of four to 6 months and sketchy brokers are squatting on stock demanding $15 for each aspect,” Ellsworth said.

SnapEDA pointed out that quite a few engineers aren’t informed of sector disorders when they layout their products and solutions, nor do they know that there are “pin-compatible” chips from diverse suppliers that can often do the exact same point as the chips specified in styles. That is, if they have the similar pin format, they can normally be made use of as replacement areas.

This is one particular of the rewards that arrived from Baker’s pet job. SnapEDA’s web-site consists of tons of details these as schematic symbols and printed circuit board (PCB) footprints for electronics style, as effectively as 3D mechanical products to make sure good mechanical clearances and layout visualization. In addition to the personal computer-aided style and design (CAD) versions them selves, engineers can also see a actual-time report generated by SnapEDA’s patented verification know-how, to obtain transparency into manufacturability.

Gigantic shortages

SnapEDA helps manufacturers find alternate chips in the semiconductor shortage

Higher than: SnapEDA has pricing and availability for sections.

Image Credit rating: SnapEDA

Of study course, lots of parts that are in limited supply have no solutions. In those cases, product designers and suppliers just have to hold out for the supplies to loosen up. That could choose time, as it often requires billions of bucks to build new semiconductor factories, and that development can acquire years to finish. That is why several are predicting shortages that will last nicely into 2022 and 2023.

Toyota recently declared it would slash its September output because of to chip shortages. In the meantime, automotive manufacturers are often charging earlier mentioned sticker price tag to individuals, because of to deficiency of enough component supply to meet up with the market place demand.

Of program, SnapEDA simply cannot do substantially when the serious trouble is that we require an additional $10 billion factory or two.

“The ability of what we do is seriously in guiding men and women towards factors that are offered that are in inventory simply because there are a lot of commodity pieces that can be substituted quickly,” Baker stated. “We simply cannot construct far more factories, we can not assist with that. But there are a ton of commodity factors where persons are receiving trapped. And suppliers inform us all the time that they can not preserve up with the demand from customers, nevertheless, they have this other part that would completely be a great substitute.”

Even now, SnapEDA is not surrendering. Extra than a million engineers are applying SnapEDA to assist them style hundreds of thousands of new solutions every calendar year. The new engineering types are freely available to millions of engineers through the SnapEDA web-site, as effectively as as a result of its syndication partners which involve Digi-Important, RSComponents’ DesignSpark, and Mouser.

She extra, “What we’ve understood is we can assistance our neighborhood by guiding them in direction of components that are readily available in the source chain, whether or not they are more affordable or extra charge helpful for their models. As we have developed, we began linking up our big group of products builders to suppliers.”


SnapEDA helps manufacturers find alternate chips in the semiconductor shortage

Over: Panasonic’s web page on SnapEDA.

Image Credit: SnapEDA

All of this is the brainchild of Baker, who at the age of 25 grew to become obsessed with programming and structure. She was an electrical engineer who graduated from the University of Toronto, and she was doing the job at Countrywide Instruments when she could not discover some facts she desired for a challenge, she strike upon an notion.

Following viewing all the excellent resources readily available to computer software engineers (open resource libraries, internet sites like GitHub and StackOverflow for edition manage and collaboration), Baker recognized there was a dearth of means for hardware engineers. Hardware engineers were being expending days recreating the wheel around and over producing the standard constructing blocks wanted to layout electronics. So she determined to make SnapEDA in 2013.

“We produced the to start with search motor especially targeted on electronics structure. So we’re a databases of chips, elements, and all the very little pieces that go on major of the circuit board.”

In 2015, she was accepted into the Y Combinator accelerator and been given funding from it and other Silicon Valley investors (early Google employee Georges Harik, Panos Papadopoulos, Cognite Ventures, 79 Studios, and Bernie Thompson) who liked her pitch about making a “Google for digital elements.” Now, massive tech firms and startups alike are utilizing SnapEDA for their patterns.

Now her assistance is in demand from customers and the company has grown to 35 staff. The enterprise makes cash by displaying “sponsored components” in search benefits, and it is profitable. And Baker is knowledgeable of how long it could just take for the challenges to rectify by themselves. Some are buying entire boards to strip out the solitary component that they require.

“We’ve heard our supplier clients telling us that in some cases their customers are stockpiling parts till 2024 to make confident they aren’t impacted, in the identical way we all stock-piled rest room paper at the starting of the pandemic,” Baker said.


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